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Los Rockin Devil's members often referred to their neighborly admirers as "fans of the RD," which can be noted on items that they have autographed. A rarity like a signature from the band's history is scarce and almost unattainable, however fans of the RD still exist.

Los Rockin Devil's could not have grown in popularity if there were no fans to adopt the band. With the passing of generations and the birth of new Rock N Roll styles and agendas, hearing from a person who is familiar with Los Rockin Devil's music is as rare as finding existing albums from the group. Thus, this page is dedicated to the listeners of Rock N Roll, and their children, and their grandchildren, who have listened and shared the experiences of the era through the music. Thus, if you are reading this, you will have experienced elements of Rock history, and it is your duty to educate others, with even a few words, of your experience with the music. Please share your comments on the band, the music, the site, or your experience.

Also, since this web site is brand new, and the research done for this is with its faults, we would really appreciate knowledge you could supply reguarding the information that has been posted, whether it is a correction or a validation. Please do not hesitate to help in our neverending quest to provide you with the proper history. With our efforts combined, we can make the web site much better.

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Notes from the author,

I was born in 1978... I was not even conceived when the Los Rockin Devil's was at its height in popularity, nor was I when the remaining echos resonated before the band's termination, yet their name I have remembered. Today, it is a band that is unbeknown to the majority of people, yet that has not deterred me from knowing of its existence. So what then has driven a turn-of-the-century character like myself to research such a submerged and dated group?...


I cannot say that my affinity for Los Rockin Devil's is one initiated by my own efforts; I have my mother and my uncle to thank for that. I can only assume an existence of those times, but it was a duration I would love to have "fully experienced," if only for a short while. Still, I have had the opportunity to "assume" it, and I am grateful for at least that...

My mother played Los Rockin Devil's records on many occasions, when she wasn't running 8-tracks of Creedence Clearwater Revival or Juan Gabriel. I remember how she loved the music, and danced and sang to it. It was a music I was certainly not too aware of, with Madonna and Michael Jackson playing from every AM/FM radio, but it was definitely audibly pleasing and stimulating. When I was looking for an alternative to the redundant erruptions from monotonous radio stations, I had my mother put on their records. "Malayisha," one of my favorite songs... I had my mother loop it over and over again; I was in love with Blanca's voice in that song. She was my veritable "Lupe." I think it was then when I became a fan of the RD.

The Los Rockin Devil's records were my mother's treasures, and she shared them in "her own way," and if I wasn't so young and naive, I would have understood why my mother invested so much love into those particular records. One time I made the mistake of pulling out my mother's record collection, and slipping out the LP with the "Malayisha" track. First mistake was the scratch of the needle as I trucked it along the record to the correct song, a sure attention getter. Then was the volume of the stereo, which I did not take into regard at the moment. The scolding from my mother came swiftly, then the lecture. Then came the story...

My fascination for Los Rockin Devil's is strong and my effort to educate others about the band continues. This fascination spawned from Rocanrol... and it comes from the lack of information surrounding the phenomenon. If you read through this website, then you know what knowledge I hold, what wisdom I can offer, and you know what "the story" is. You see, during those euphonic moments when I was young, little were we aware that my mother was expanding my musical palette and educating me with tidbits of history, tidbits that I could not digest at the time, but stored nonetheless. She unknowingly offered me a course on musical awareness and appreciation, and purposefully taught me an important lesson in our familial history. And now, I can make the attempt to decipher and decode and apply and research the information that was fed to me the day of the story. I thank her for that, and my late uncle, Jaime González of the RD. -- DQ (e-mail me)

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Special Thanks: I would sincerely like to show my appreciation to all of those people who aided in the construction of this site, from your assistence with information to your aid in finding relative media:

Luis Jaime "Guero" Gonzalez, Carmen Ramírez González Castellanos, Ana Rosa Quintana González Castellanos, Frankie Estrada, Christopher Bissell, Jesse Lerner, Eric Zolov, Ray Brazen, the LRD music and film producers, and Los Rockin Devil's. A very special thanks to Luis Gustavo Zamora for his wonderful translation of the site, which no one else could have done better.


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